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What should you do next to improve your online marketing?

Mosaic is a marketing optimization platform to give you specific actionable ROI-calculated recommendations rather than just data.

For every recommendation, get detailed DIY instructions or delegate to a Mosaic specialist for completion.

Website Conversions

Diagnose what to change on your website to increase leads or sales.

Email Marketing

Uncover what to do to increase sales and lifetime value per customer.

If Mosaic isn’t the most empowering, itemized, accessible offer you receive, we’ll even take 10% off the price of paid services.*

“500% return on advertising”

They put their clients before self-service which I’m yet to experience anywhere else. I can trust these guys to do whatever it takes to make me move forward. I have 3-5X ROI and +269.2% conversions from these principles.

How Does Mosaic Work?

The Mosaic system is designed to be easy to use, accessible, and transparent.

We’ve broken it down into three steps, so you can approach the system with with confidence and your eyes open:

Your Report

$75 FREE

Here we’ll look over the answers you gave, giving you our high-level impressions of what’s possible for your online marketing system. We’ll include any recommendations we can deduce from this level of information. We’ll also give you more information about the Full Audit, so that you’re able to move to the next stage with confidence.

Full Audit


Next, we’ll go through the Component Library (covered in your report) and discuss all the untapped opportunity in your marketing system starting with the low-hanging fruit for fast growth.

This will be based on a thorough study of your existing data and analytics, to ensure each recommendation is data-guided.

Love it or your money back.

Your Report

A la carte

Next, if you’d like to move ahead, we’ll create our first Mosaic order.

We will implement clearly-defined, actionable, measurable changes to your existing architecture. Every change has a description, implementation notes, and a clear price tag, all weighed against your current data.

Repeat this step as many times as you need for maximum results.

Intrinsically included value:

  • Highly trained industry experts, each with many years of independent & team-specific training.
  • Access to our combined study best practices from the marketing world’s top 1%.
  • Focused on statistically significant on-brand business gains, not just “making pretty things.”
  • Scale your business faster, thanks to your new access to our scalable team.

“A percentage of everything our clients invest in us goes straight to fighting human trafficking.

It's the fastest growing crime in the world.

Together, we can make a difference…”

Adam Fairhead Fairhead Group

We reserve the right to decide whether or not incoming report requests are valid, or are a good fit (or not) for our service. We reserve the right to deny report requests.

*We reserve the right to request proof of any offers you believe are better than ours. We reserve the right to decide whether competing offers are valid. We reserve the right to decide which competing offers qualify you for this discount.